Fresh Social Content for ONLY $95 per month

Equip your business with a team that takes care of your social media marketing. As the team handles everything social, you get to spend more time in your core business.

Optimization Included

As a bonus, we will do social account optimization for free. Among the tasks we will do is fill out most of information needed to complete your profile along with claiming a username. 

Engagement & Connection

We aim to build a community of your followers by engaging and connecting with them. We fulfill this by replying to their comments and acknowledging their shares.

Scheduled Bi-Weekly

We create and prepare content for two weeks. This allows you to see the content that will be posted in the next two weeks making sure it continually aligns with your brand image.

Secure Server & Access

We have setup secure servers that stops phishing attacks. On top of that, you will directly get access to the team who has access to your accounts allowing you to monitor their activities and chat in real time.

Customized For You

We believe that creating custom images and content will be far more effective than blanket posting. Not only do we custom create each day’s content, we also craft a native format for each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

Keep Your Brand Active

We vary the post type as much as possible. It may vary from the following types: tips, industry news, service promotions, quotes and many others. This keeps your brand fresh and engaging.


Helping You Focus On Your Core Business

Preparing social content and engaging with users can be time consuming. With us, it isn’t anymore.  We are equipped with specialists who can craft custom images, create great content and professionally talk with users. With that being taken care of, the time you have saved can be spend on building your core business.


*Content and images will be prepared after 48 hours of payment which will only cover 1 week worth of content. After that, more content will be given before every week commences. Access to social media profiles will be requested within the 48 hours. Publishing of content begins after 48 hours and will end after 4 weeks (each week contains 7 days).

7-Day Guarantee & No Lengthy Contracts! 

We’re committed to earning your business every month. And so, we will not be locking you up in any length contract. If you’re not satisfied with our services in the first 7 days of our service, we will refund your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Contact Us

+1 323-473-3122 (US)


#11 Orchid St., Balusong Ext., Matina, Davao City, Philippines

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm (GMT+8)

Get Started

Ready to try our services? Don’t worry, if you’re unsatisfied in the first 7 days, we will refund your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Need To Get Started?

For us to create branded content for you, we will only need your brand profiles (website, Facebook page, etc.) and a good resolution file of your logo. We will base the colors and style of the new content from your existing brand.

Will You Immediately Know What Content To Post?

As soon as the payment is made, we will need 48 hours to make the research for the content and images. With our decades of combined experience, we can quickly prepare custom content and branded images for your brand.

Do You Need Access To My Account?

No. We can get all the information we need to create the posts without logging in your accounts. In fact, to keep your accounts secure, we recommend that we will simply send the content to you without having any access to your accounts.

Can I Decide What Hours Of The Day You Will Post?

Absolutely! Since we will be simply sending content over to your business, feel free to schedule what time of the day you want the posts to appear.

What Should I Do If I Want Revisions On Posts?

Feel free to shoot us a message immediately in the instant communication platform you have chosen during setup. We promise to address the issue ASAP.

There Is A Week Where There Is No New Content Given. What Should I Do?

Oh no! In the very unlikely event that this might happen, simply shoot as an email or a message through Messenger or Skype and we will make sure to compensate for the lack.

What Should I Do If There Are No Comments In Your Posts?

On some industries (especially early in the campaign), it would be usual not to get any comments but that doesn’t mean people are not reading the posts. You will be able to see that there would be organic reach and engagement that would happen per post. As time passes by and campaign momentum is made, expect to see an increase in all metrics of the campaign.

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Social 95
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Dianne

Prior to our business shutdown due to the pandemic, we hired these guys. We had no idea that we need to decrease our expenses for the following month so when the shutdown rolled in and we still need to update our social media channels, these guys continued to deliver. We're satisfied with their service and so happy to have found them way ahead of time (we were paying way more than Social95's fees but getting inferior work).

 by Tim M.
solved my social media problems

I no longer have to worry about social media. These guys fixed and are managing it with zero issues.

 by Edward N.
replaced my often disappointing freelancer

hired a freelancer before to handle my company's social media but he needed guidance constantly and missed deadlines due to content being below average quality. social 95 replaced that guy and went way beyond what i expected. 5 stars

 by John Rod
quick and efficient

highly recommended for how quick these guys work and operate in. they simply asked for access and went in there and changed the way how my business looked 5/5

 by Dave F
superior and saved me a bunch

I was paying almost a thousand dollars with the previous social media agency just to do this kind of work. I can't believe I saved almost 90% with these guys. Not only is Social 95 output superior to the old agency but they deliver things more consistently and have more updates.

 by Michael M
Quality work, professional service

I am astounded by the quality of their work and how thorough are the images. These are indeed custom work because they retain my logo colors and even put my logo in the images. I most probably have my social media covered with these guys!